All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey

12 October 2018

Autumn is here and blustery but fair winds have blown some nice projects our way, some of which will hopefully be released soon.

One to check out is Col3trane's rocking and rolling caravan in his music video "Tyler." Walking and singing on the ceiling and every wall of that small caravan; it certainly would have been a clastraphobic replacement for the Discovery One if Kubrick had to save some set building costs.

Watch the video here.

Straight 8 Industry Shootout at Cannes 2018

12 June 2018

Let's kick off the summer with sun, sea and super 8 films!

While some might come to the French Riviera to lounge in a deck chair and catch some rays, the advertising industry is preparing for a head-to-head in the Cannes Straight 8 Shootout on the 21st of June.

Twenty-two companies from the advertising industry will bare all with their pure in-camera-edited super 8 films.

This is the most over-subscribed and global straight 8 shootout yet. The entries will be coming from all sectors; production companies, agencies, sevice companies, post production and more. Whether or not the films are a bit rough and ready or truly awe-inspiring, it's shaping up to be a thrilling event.

Here at Machine Shop we're lending our support by making the trophies for the deserving finalists.
The prize money raised from the event goes to charities chosen by the winning companies.

For more information, or if you fancy getting a ticket to the event, you can follow the link here.

Awards On The Horizon

13 April 2018

With nominations in both the British Arrow Awards as well as Webby Awards, we are buzzing with excitement. Any excuse to crack the bubbly open and appreciate the body of work from this year’s talent. The Arrows entries are as follows:
Gatorade ‘Water Made Active’ – Arrows ‘International’ category (link to view)
Jaguar ‘The Art of Sound’ – Craft Arrows ‘In-camera effects’ category (link to view)
Lloyds bank ‘A New Dawn’ – Craft Arrows ‘In-camera effects’ category (link to view)

For the Webby’s the public can vote online, our entry is Gatorade ‘Water Made Active’- Best Use of Video or Moving Image.

To vote on the Webbys, follow the link here

Or check out the Arrows line up here

Fingers crossed, but either way there will be banter to be had. Chin-chin!

Andre on Hires Desk

12 April 2018

Andre is our new Hires desk operator, with him at the helm you can be sure to get the effects equipment you need. Wind, Rain or Fire - Andre will send the 10 plagues of Egypt if needs be.

Neil Joins the Machine Shop team

12 April 2018

A lot younger than he looks, bushy bearded and bright-eyed Neill has joined us. He has a panache for metal working and usually has an angle grinder in hand, so be warned!!

Avalanche of snow jobs

27 September 2017

Christmas has kicked off in September with snow jobs coming out of our ears!
Welcome to the land of the ice and snow, with the frosting effects and where the gibo droppers blow.

Two New Team Members!

27 September 2017

As of this month we have two new people joining Machine Shop.

George, a perfectionist on the machines and Sarah, our new friendly office manager.